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About Us

At Honda Federal Credit Union, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. That’s why our team of member-elected directors, volunteers and leaders embody our mission, values and vision of providing excellent service.

Our Mission

We are a financial cooperative proudly serving the Honda Family through all life stages.

Our Vision

Honda Federal Credit Union will be the trusted partner and preferred financial institution for the Honda Family worldwide.

Our Team

  •  Board of Directors

    The board of directors are elected by Honda FCU members. Ultimately, they bear the responsibility of continuing the growth and success of Honda FCU.

    Board of Directors:

    • Carl Coe, Chairman
    • Allison Neuman, Vice Chairwoman
    • Robert Taylor, Treasurer
    • Steve Nicholson, Secretary
    • Paul Brumfield
    • Stacie Carper
    • Bruce Garfield
    • Charles Harmon
    • Fred Payne
  •  Supervisory Committee

    The supervisory committee consists of volunteer Honda FCU Members. They are selected each year to monitor board and management activities, provide financial statement audits, conduct annual member account verifications, verify compliance and monitor the internal control environment.

    Supervisory Committee:

    • John Kaufman, Chairman
    • Wendy Bartos
    • Jill Carlton
    • James Janik
    • Fred Lucci
    • Byron McBrayer
  •  Leadership Team

    Honda Federal Credit Union strives to deliver excellence. This dedication is mirrored in our exemplary leadership team. Together, we’ll build quality products, services and money management skills for all of our members.

    Senior Management Team:

    • Steve Brandon, Chief Executive Officer
    • Jim Aley, Chief Financial Officer
    • Jeanne Ozenne, Chief Technology Officer
    • Brock Kasnick, Chief Experience Officer
    • Jack Imes, Chief Lending Officer
    • Mary Anawalt, VP Corporate Business
    • Tracy Thibaut, Operations Manager
    • Mary Morikawa, Compliance Manager
    • Joe Mattera, Chief Retail Officer
    • Melissa Danner, Regional Member Service Manager
    • Scott Shields, Regional Member Service Manager

    Contact Center Manager:

    • Amy Norris, Marysville, OH, Contact Center Manager

    Branch Managers:

    • Brandon Tuck, Lincoln, AL, Branch Manager
    • Tori Chiodo, Torrance, CA, Branch Manager
    • Tanya Adams, Greensburg, IN, Branch Manager
    • Cheryl Lightle, Anna, OH, Branch Manager
    • Larry McElroy, East Liberty, OH, Branch Manager
    • Cindy Haavisto, Marysville Community, OH, Branch Manager
    • Siiri McCollister, Marysville Plant, OH, Branch Manager
    • Chad Scully, Russells Point, OH, Branch Manager
    • Mike Leviner, Timmonsville, SC, Branch Manager
  •  Annual report
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